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About Vintage Crates UK Online Shop

Welcome to Vintage Crates


Thank you for visiting our Vintage Crates Website, the site where you have a great

choice of crates with age and style.

 We developed Vintage Crates after retiring and are passionate about the environment,

loving the idea of recycling vintage crates and using timber that would otherwise be


Actual Vintage Crates or Bushel Boxes, as they were sometimes called, are almost

impossible to source now, being too heavy and too expensive for farmers to continue

using. Many old boxes were simply burnt when they came to the end of their useful life.

However, we sometimes come across the odd hoard that’s been hidden in a barn or


Along with our Vintage Crates we have a section of Vintage Style Crates made for us

using wood from sustainable sources. These Crates are made to the exact measurements

and style of the original vintage boxes. They also have the advantage of being able to be

Personalised and make ideal Storage solutions.

You will also see that we have a large selection of American Drinks Crates and a really

interesting choice of Branded Crates, making our collection the most

comprehensive selection of Crates available.

We are always updating our Range of crates and we listen to your comments. Some of

our ‘Best Sellers’ come from your ideas. We’re constantly adding to the Vintage Style

Range so do keep looking at our Website for new and innovative products!


If you would like to discuss any Crate related ideas with us please :-

e-mail or phone 01636-525352 – 07788-721399

Netty and Robin @ Vintage Crates

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