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Vintage Crates UK >> Vintage Rustic Style Crates >> Vintage Style Rustic Half Bushel Crate
Vintage Style Rustic Half Bushel Crate
Vintage Style Rustic Half Bushel Crate
Vintage Crates UK
Vintage Rustic Style Crates
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Price: 25.00
If lack of space is a problem then these compact Rustic Half Bushel Crates are the answer. They are ideal to contain clutter in any room.

We find the smaller Rustic Half Bushel Crates, like the smoother finished Vintage Style version of this size crate, make equally excellent gifts. Because of their size they are quite easy to fill with toiletries, delicious food and/or drinks. Everyone has their own ideas but how about creating a Cosy Box with a cushion or blanket.

We feel sure youll find the Rustic Half Bushel Crate very useful either as a gift or as an attractive addition around your own home or garden.

As with the full size Bushel Crate these smaller boxes give you the opportunity to use them in spaces where it might not be possible to accommodate the larger version. They really can help solve the small storage problem in any room. In the Kitchen they look great with larger herb pots in them and are also handy to store those favourite cookery books.

Moving on to the Sitting Room - books, magazines, and papers can be kept tidily, along with the remote control which nobody can ever find. Oh yes! put your specs. in there too, then everything is to hand.

Theres a host of uses in the Bathroom and Bedroom, for toiletries, towels and again books and magazines. The list is endless.

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

L 43.5cm x W 30.5cm x H 20.5cm

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