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Vintage Crates UK >> Vintage Rustic Style Crates >> Vintage Style Rustic Tray
Vintage Style Rustic Tray
Vintage Style Rustic Tray
Vintage Crates UK
Vintage Rustic Style Crates
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Price: 17.50
The Vintage Style Rustic Tray is the latest addition to our collection of Vintage Style Crates.

Our Vintage Style Rustic Trays are produced locally and theyre a useful size for storage and display in the house or out in the garden. Similar but smaller and neater than the potato crate they are very versatile and light and easy to handle. The shape of the tray is exactly the same as a Vintage Style Apple Crate but its just one panel high rather than two.

Weve found they make great storage trays for Apples when placed on top of each other allowing the air to circulate and keep the fruit in good condition. Great too, for storing your Spring Bulbs and tubers. In the home, a very useful item for small storage.

The Vintage Style Lid will also fit this this crate making it even more adaptable. If you would like to purchase the Lid you will find it listed in this section and also the Vintage Style section.

Made locally from sustainable wood sources with a Rustic finish.

One only is included in the indicated price.

L 54 cm x W 36 cm x H 15 cm The overall height is increased by 5mm if a Lid is fitted.
L 54 cm x W 36 cm x H 15 cm

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