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Vintage Crates UK >> Vintage Style Crates >> Vintage Style Apple Crate
Vintage Style Apple Crate
Vintage Style Apple Crate
Vintage Crates UK
Vintage Style Crates
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Price: 27.00
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Sturdy Wooden Vintage Style Crates made specially for us using recycled or sustainable wood, making them a very good copy of the Original Apple Crate.

One of the main reasons for introducing the Vintage Style Crate is that the Original Apple Crates have now become a rarity. We are delighted to offer this alternative.

Here at the office weve been staggered at all the different uses our customers have for their crates. Here are some of them - Bedside Cabinet, Book Shelves, Tool Box, General Storage, Muddy Boots and Shoes, Magazines and Papers, and one of the most original, Picnic Table and Chairs, to mention but a few.

Looking for a Gift with a difference, then our Vintage Style Crates are the perfect solution.

These boxes in a Vintage Style are not only available in a natural wood colour making them like the Old Apple Crates but also with a choice of colours. All the colours are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Natural Vintage Style - Pale Jasmin (Off White) - Country Cream (as it sounds) - Forget Me Not (Pastel Blue) - Sea Grass (misty green/blue) - Forest Green

Looking for a seat ,shelves or casters??? All these have been added to your list of choices with Vintage Style Crates. All, except the Casters, of course, can be supplied in the colour you want but please remember that the coloured crates ARE done to order and do take a couple of days extra to prepare.

The Lids fit snugly over the crate and have been made very strong to take a lot of weight. Now you can take your picnic things in the crate and then have a sustantial seat as well. Cover the childrens toys with the lid for a play table.

Weve introduced two shelves, one long, if the crate is on its side or one short, if you stand the crate on its end; both shelves are supplied with pre drilled holes to locate the screws which are also supplied. You can then fit the shelf where its to be positioned! Increase your storage options.

Last but not least - Casters to move the Crate with ease.

Our Vintage Style Crates are all made from either Re-usable Timber or from certificated Sustainable Wood sources.

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

L 54cm x W 36 cm x H 28 cm

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